Romance and tailoring Made in Italy for Anna B. Creations


Pure poetry and romance. Femininity and glamour that the fashion designer Anna Boccardo, owner of "Anne B. Creations" atelier, expresses through its extraordinary bridal collections is unique and precious.

If you decide to tsay Yes to the love of your life, you knows that in this elegant atelier, in San Salvo, a cities in province of Chieti in the Abruzzo (a region of Italy), wirh showroom a Pescara, find the perfect wedding dress to feel wonderful and amazing in your best day.

Here every dream come true: this is the secret ingredient of this special brand Made in Italy that just turn your dreams into reality by 15 years.

There's not greater satisfaction of the happy face of a promised bride when realizes that that and only that is the dress absolutely perfect for her because, made to misure, following her wishes and thanks also the precious advices of a  professional staff. This dress is for a bride like a self portrait.

The wedding dress by "Anna B. Creation” are special because you don't have only charm and refinement, but especially uplifting to any bride who, very excited, is getting ready to live an event so intense and unforgettable.

Anna Boccardo, owner of "Anne b. Creations" has a twenty-year teaching experience in the fashion industry which has strongly contributed to a constant professional updating, a high stylistic growth and tailoring, in addition to the ability to gain the gift of intuition and of the empathy to understand what are the real desires of a bride who decides to trust her to select the most important dress of her life.

The wedding dresses and formal wear of "Anna B. Creations", as well as accessories and embroidery, are absolutely timeless because don't follow fashion trends but they are based on an ideal of style and elegance that don't know sunset:  they are made to stand today and tomorrow when flipping through her wedding album a bride will feel still dressed so fresh and chic and still beautiful, as on that fabolous day. 


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